Urban Casual and Sustainable Chic

Our Jute bags are made of a stonewashed heavy weaved jute-cotton fabric. Jute is the most eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable natural fibre. The cotton portion of the blend and the stonewashed finishing add softness and create a unique feel.

Jute is a natural fibre extracted from the bark of the white jute plant which is grown by small scale independent farmers. The jute plant is rotated while no pesticides or fertilisers are used, and nothing is genetically modified. Its water footprint is also low as Jute is rain fed meaning that it does not rely on irrigation.

Jute is mainly grown in the Bengal area of India and Bangladesh and grows fully in 4-6 months. All those traits making it an ideal source for a truly sustainable fabric.

Some reasons why jute is an environmentally friendly option


Allows for versatile yet durable designs

It is able to degrade biologically in 1-2 years

Encourages a Cradle to Cradle outlook (C2C) where we are already aware of the products life cycle at the initial design level

Jutes carbon footprint is minimal: One hectare of jute plant consumes approximately 15 tons of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tons of oxygen. The assimilation of CO2 is several times greater than that of trees.

It is 100% compostable

Designed for functionality, beauty and quality without compromising the environment